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Anyone can generate a lot of leads for your business, but leads don’t pay the bills. We don’t just focus on generating a high-volume of leads, we go after high-converting leads. Sign up today to learn more about our digital marketing campaigns, and how we can help you!

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Internet marketing campaigns aren’t just about great ads, they rely on directing traffic to pages designed to convert clicks into leads. Using our proprietary system CODEMAY Clicks, we can convert online traffic into leads 4 – 5 times more than internet averages. And the best part is the page can be customized to be completely on-brand.




Just because most web traffic to a site is via mobile doesn’t mean the user should sacrifice the same great desktop experience. CLICKS 3 was built so mobile users have the same experience they would have with the desktop version.


A landing page system is useless if it doesn’t seamlessly integrate with your CRM to deliver you leads right when they’re collected. To that end, we ensured our system integrated yours.

Users landing on CLICKS  pages are able to submit their information, and share the offer directly on their social media channels all from one place. This ultimately leads to more leads, higher conversions and more money for you.

Territories & Targeting

Quality of leads is just as important as quantity of leads. The most important thing of any campaign is converted members. You can generate tons of leads at a low cost per lead, but if they aren’t converting into members, none of it really matters. A lot of marketing vendors will expand the targeting, or widen the demographic targeting to generate more, lower-cost leads. Doing this can increase the leads volume, but often lowers the quality of the leads to a point where they don’t convert enough to generate a positive ROI.

Radius Targeting

The easiest way to target your campaign is choosing a radius around your location. This works for most campaigns, depending on the size of the territory you own. Not only do we take your territory into account, but we think with how far are people willing to travel.

Expanding the Radius

The easiest way to generate more leads in a marketing campaign is to expand the targeting. This gets your message in front of more people, who sign up. However, expanding the targeting means your message in getting in front of people who aren’t in your territory, and most likely won’t travel to you for your classes. This lowers the quality of the leads, and lowers your overall lead to member conversion rate.

Opening a new business involves a lot of moving parts, the most important of which is acquiring new customers and establishing a cash flow. Within 10 minutes of starting our campaign, the leads started coming in and our pre-sale effort took off! The customer support, ease of use and ROI was amazing. We continue to work with them to deliver quality leads through our Grand Opening and beyond. It was the single best decision we have made for our business.

- StretchLab Owner

I’ve been working closely with FFM for the past 6 months and they’ve completely turned around our lead generation for Pure Barre St. Augustine! I was so happy with the results we’ve decided to use their services for our 3rd studio, Pure Barre West Chester, and have had great results generating leads in an area that has never had a Pure Barre before. FFM is a game changer!

- Pure Barre Owner

We have loved working with FFM for the last 7 months. The amount of digital leads that have come through as a result of using their services has exceeded our expectations. Sway is always super quick to respond and quick to tweak our campaign as we desire. We’ve enjoyed working with the entire team, which is a nice change b/c we have had very different experiences in the past with digital marking companies.

- AKT Owner

FFM treats us like this is OUR campaign and not a cookie cutter business model. They helped us get out of the pandemic and through a very slow summer of sales and I can’t wait to see our leads exploding into the fall and January season!

- F45 Owner

I am very happy with the number & quality of the leads. In fact, it’s overwhelming in a positive way!

- Pure Barre Owner